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Movement resources and fitness training
for Artists
Who uses
Stage Monkey?

"With Sara, I can tell she is not pushing for anything besides real personal growth. That is a real inspiration. Once we got started training, every step has been valuable and encouraging; direct, to the point, consistently useful, & all handled in a way that furthers my understanding of my goals.

Just about perfect, from a coaching standpoint, and especially considering the training has been at a distance, remarkable in terms of value. 


 As a performing musician this makes her work that much more ideal for integrating my physical training with my artistic training. She gets it, and in fact encourages that part of me along with all the rest. Quite spectacular!"

-Daniel Sperry


"Sara worked closely with many athletes including myself to address the fundamental elements of our daily movements that might prohibit us from reaching our full potential with more technical movement and I truly believe she will do astounding things in the acting community applying her methods.


I personally had many issues with motor control which Sara took it upon herself to support me in, offering a few simple exercises to support body awareness, and checking in on my progress. I hit a number of athletic milestones that would not have been possible without her support."

-Kelly C.
(Bad ass mum)

"I always felt well-instructed and motivated by her. Her skills and her cheerful disposition make her a joy to work with.

The training helped me be more in tune with my body. It helped me find more active-ness and be more on the front foot with my acting."

-Johannes Neubert


"Sara is a great trainer. She really cares about what we feel about each movement and always tries to figure out a unique way that would work better on each person.I found the physical training really worked to figure out characters' relationships in certain scenes, especially when we got stuck.

Outside the rehearsal room, I'm now using Sara's physical training as part of my warming up process. Really helped to open the body up and feel more energetic!"

-Luna Dai

"Sara is great because she doesn't do the typical generic "rah rah" motivation.


She provides feedback that is personal, technical and specific and BECAUSE of that, it's motivating.


She's a great trainer because she's genuine, authentic and kind. Can't recommend her enough."

-Stacey Nash

(Film director)