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How to be A Tree -or- (Impossible computer science, Philiosophical non-sequiturs, & Love)

Written by Sara Lessmann I Illustrations by Domenic Serena I Directed by Nicole Palomba I Design by Larisa Munoz

Starring: Luna Dai, Jo Neubert, Sini Stephanie Ruth Sparkes, Anna Fontaine, and Larisa Munoz


Yo yo yiggity yo:

How To Be A Tree was a full-lenth naturalistic sci-fi play that debuted August 12th-18th 2018 at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre as a part of the Camden Fringe Festival.

This was Stage Monkeys first official theatrical production and we had some pretty lofty goals. We sought to combine elements of an original comic book with an original play AND we sought to introduce a custom-tailored fitness regimen, based on GMB's Elements program, into the rehearsal process to see what effect that fitness regimen had on the acting and rehearsal process. Spoiler alert: It had an effect (as any introduced stimuli might!!!) and we were excited about what we found, but there is also a lot of room for improvement. If you're a nerd, you'll soon be able to read all about the process and our findings below.



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